user_mobilelogo is a service of Today's Independent music artists are experiencing dwindling connections with their music fans.

  • CD players are no longer offered on modern computers, cars or players.
  • Although Facebook started out as a great new connection, recent changes to Facebook's aligorithms have changed the way artist's Facebook posts are seen in their fans news feed.
  • By Facebook's own admission, after a certain amount of time, only 16% of those fans who have liked their page actually see your posts in their feed. gives the independant artist their own streaming music server inside a progressive web app. The artist's Facebook page can also be embedded inside the web app, allowing the music fan to see 100% of their posts... 100% of the time.

Today's music fans want their music streaming to their mobile devices and Apple is pusing the music artist iTunes downloads to stream through their new music app. gives the independant music artist and opportunity to stream thier music via a monthly music subscription. Contact us for a free consultation.

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It really is... "Smart Communication for 21st Century Music Artist!"


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